Relay For Life Update

It’s three weeks before the Relay For Life. Training is going well. Because I have great friends who have no issues with challenging me in whatever way they think they can (Steve & Kelly Hoek), I am now going to participate in the Lake Macatawa Duathlon the following weekend as well. It’s a run-bike-run that starts with a 2.5 mile run, followed by a 22 mile bike, and finishes with a 3.8 mile run. I’m looking forward to it. I have been receiving great training tips from my running co-workers to help assure a victory over the Hoek’s.

Fundraising for the Relay For Life is going very well, too. My original goals were run for 1 hour and raise $1,000. I have no doubt that I will accomplish both goals. I have currently raised $895. I have been absolutely blown away by the generosity so far. Thank You. While The American Cancer Society is the benefactor of the fund raising, I have benefited from your encouragement and show of support.

I thought I would share a thought I came to realize one night as I was running. That particular night was a bit of a slower night due to fatigued legs from a mountain bike ride the night before. Still, as I trudged along, I couldn’t help but be inspired by thinking where I was athletically 4 years ago to where I am now.  And then it kind of hit me: God has given us all incredibly durable, capable bodies to enjoy and accomplish some pretty phenomenal feats. We just have to trust our bodies that they can handle the work.

When I think of Lisa & Tim and their current battles that they are fighting, I think of the resiliency that their bodies need to have to endure the harsh treatment that they are subjected to. It encourages me to work harder because I realize that the pain I experience in training (not that there’s no fun in it) pales in comparison to the weariness they experience during their treatments.

As I mentioned before, I am close to my goal of $1,000. I am making the final push to complete this goal and would encourage you to consider contributing if this is a place you felt tugged to support. I have included a link below to contribute to my campaign, or if you would prefer to contribute with a check, feel free to email me at and I would be more than happy to meet you for a pick-up.

Your Friend,

Joe Lampen

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