Cycling Thoughts

I thought I would start out some of my blogging with a twofer. First are lessons learned so far from my riding, and the second is just sharing some fun experiences riding during the winter.
So, here are some thing’s I’ve learned since picking up the sport/hobby of biking. They are really all reminders to me about life. I tried to have some fun while truly reflecting on some of the lessons I’ve learned through biking. I hope you have some fun reading this and maybe catch something worth reflecting on yourself.
1. You don’t always realize when the wind is at your back. If you don’t feel the wind in your face don’t just enjoy the ride; pick up the pace because a headwind might be just around the bend. You’ll want to have all the momentum you can get for when that time comes.
2. Don’t measure ride successes by average speed, rather, measure it by how hard you worked and how long you were able to sustain it. Enjoy the work of the ride, not just successful rides. You’ll enjoy more rides that way because not every ride is a good ride.
3. If you don’t wear headphones you’ll hear the cars coming better; especially the ones from behind you that you can’t see. No real life parallel there, just common sense.
4. Drafting makes riding easier, but you still have to pedal. You can’t coast behind someone and expect to just keep up. In a similar notion, no one else is going to get on your bike and pedal for you…unless you’re on a tandem. But even then I’m guessing you’ll only get a free ride once or twice. After a while you’ll be expected to pull.
5. Make sure you fuel your body properly with sleep, nutrition, and healthy relationships. Do this every day so you’re always prepared for a hard work-out. Sometimes they’re unexpected.
6. Cross training will make you a stronger rider. Strength work-outs, running, and even simply participating in a different genre of biking have accelerated my road cycling ability. Becoming more athletic all around will help improve your specific event.
7. There’s nothing on the internet that will make you a better rider while sitting in your chair. There’s a bunch of advice and some of it is good. There are a ton of techniques and some of them are helpful. Multiply that by 0 and you know what you’ll find valuable on t.v. But for any of it to work, you need to try it.


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