The Way There

Sometimes the drive to my ride is just as fun and memorable as the ride itself. Tonight was one of those nights.

I was meeting up with some riding buddies at Bass River for a snow ride (which I’ve chronicled in this blog about how much I enjoy that) and found myself just thoroughly enjoying the drive there. I have a great big moon roof in my Subaru Forrester, so the stars were easy to see (only at stop signs, of course). I had my iPod set to randomly play all and only my Jack Johnson tunes. Traffic was light and no cars in front of me. I think I got to the trail head in a more relaxed state than when I left, and we had a ball out there tonight.

Sometimes its the small things, I guess, and I never can forecast when they’re going to happen nor replicate them at will. I just try to soak them in when they’re happening.


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