Making Hay


As disappointed as I have been with this inconsistent winter, when a day like today rolls around and drops 6-8” (and reports of 10” in some places) of fresh new snow I wasn’t going to waste it. I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking here, but it was an awesome day.

I started the morning out by heading on my bike after church. I may have jumped the gun a little bit, but I couldn’t help myself. The fresh snow was just too inviting to take a peaceful ride in (no earphones). What I found out was that the snow was deeper than I had anticipated and the workout was significantly more vigorous as a result. I still was smiling (for the most part) as I slipped, grunted, and plowed my way out to Lake Macatwa near the Ottawa Beach overflow campground (picture). I wound my way back home on some lower traffic roads just to get off the bike path for a breather.

In the afternoon I took Paige over to my in-law’s house to go snowshoeing with my mother-in-law. Their subdivision is only about 1/3rd developed and one of the lots is adjacent to the Port Sheldon Natural Area which is part of the Ottawa County Parks and Open Space Lands. It’s a great place to snowshoe, hike, and cross country ski ( ). It is one of the few parks left that you can take your dogs to and let them roam freely. There were several people out enjoying the late afternoon sunshine and snow.

Finally, when you get snow like today, you can’t avoid the drive way. So, I wrapped up with a quick clearing and headed in for a warm shower and a cup of coffee. What a great day.


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