Harder Than I Thought

Several weeks ago I set out to rid the world of bikes without safety lights. I went out and bought a red ‘blinky’ light and began scouring the streets for riders who were not utilizing at least a red blinking tail light. It sounded so simple.

In reality, this has been harder than I thought. For starters, I chickened out on my first and best opportunity the very afternoon that I bought the light. I was walking out of the office and watched a 20 something, possibly a college student, ride right by me at dusk without a light. He had to stop at 7th street for the stop sign and I definitely could have flagged him down and handed him the light. I made a quick decision that if in deed he was a college student, he was not my target. I later recognized that my intention was to inform and make safe all riders, not just someone I felt needed charity. Ultimately I knew that I had been given the opportunity and I bailed on it. I get frustrated at my weaknesses and fear.

Some of the other challenges include driving by someone I could help and having no place to stop to intercept the rider as well as the longer days creating fewer opportunities to observe night riders without lights. These also are ultimately excuses that I use and I’ll need to stop using these road blocks to accomplish my mission. I don’t plan on giving up, though. My goal is to claim success this week.


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