Recovery Ride

There have been a couple of really funny video’s released recently that make fun of cyclists and mountain bikers. Maybe you’ve seen them. Some of the mocking is about “recovery rides” where you keep your work out light by whatever measure you like to use (heart rate is common). Well, tonight I thought I better throw one of those rides in there. I rode hard Monday night, ran last night, plan on riding hard tomorrow night, and have a fun but longer trail ride scheduled for Saturday morning (Yankee Springs; 8a.m.; see you there?). Even still, I was antsy to go out tonight for a ride, too.

I’ll actually spare you of the details of my workout tonight; but instead I thought I would share with you some observations from my ride:

  1. I wish I had a better camera and could take it with me on my rides. The moon was bright tonight and casting a cool reflection off Lake Macatawa nearly making it unnecessary to have on my headlamp.
  2. I wish my phone battery wouldn’t suck so bad and actually hold a charge long enough to allow my ride mapping app to capture a freaking ride without shutting off somewhere mid ride, of course neglecting to save it before it does.
  3. I love my Specialized wool socks. Sorry DeFeet; your Woolie Boolie’s just aren’t cutting the mustard this winter. They’re too thick.
  4. Ottawa Beach Inn closes sometime between 9:30p.m. and 10:30p.m. I’ve ridden past it before around 9:30 and its open, but tonight it was closed by the time I passed it around 10:30. I’m surprised it stays open even until 9:30 in the winter.
  5. Riding with fun music in my ears gives me more energy than just a good song with the right tempo.
  6. I like rhubarb pie after a ride. I like it before, too, but afterwards is fantastic.
  7. I love riding the lakeshore in Holland.

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