Blogging Lessons

I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed my new blogging hobby. But I’ve equally enjoyed reading other bloggers share their interest in biking, the outdoors, and what drives them to follow their passion for it. Along the way I’ve learned some neat tricks and tools, too. One of the tools I just recognized today is hyper linking to relevant web content within my blog. I realized that I’ve thrown out names of mountain bike trails, public parks, products, and even names of celebrities. It made me think that I should be hyper linking these words, when used, to the appropriate websites to make it easier for readers to find out more about the topics, events, or places I’m discussing.

So, over the next several days I’m going to attempt to go back into my posts and hyperlink items such as trails, products, and parks to their respective web pages in order to make some of my posts more useful and complete. Check back on some of the older posts over the next few days, click on the links, and let me know if I’ve done them correctly. I think this will be helpful as I start to post more about events and activities this season. Don’t worry, I won’t sell out and post all kinds of links to product with hopes of being noticed by large corporate bike manufacturers, or other outdoor products I would love to have in my garage, closet, basement, barn, or storage area. That’s just not who I am 🙂


3 thoughts on “Blogging Lessons

  1. Now that last paragraph is funny… Is that how it works? I just link to stuff in case somebody might want to buy it. I’m gonna have to review more stuff!

    I’m chucking out loud.

  2. I just realized that in my consuming effort to bring humor to my post, I forgot to properly segment the article into paragraphs 🙂 I thought messing around with the links was fun for this, but I totally agree that there’s a ton of useful opportunities to add hyperlinks to products I use in addition to trails I ride and places I eat. Its a neat way to bring full color to posts.

    • That was a great post, don’t change a thing – the humor was just right too – subtle enough to punch you in the nose if you weren’t looking… With the paragraphs, I’ve always assumed that since the advent of email, double spacing took over for the indent. You’ve got two perfect paragraphs there – two distinct lines of thought.

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