Not Exactly Wheaties

Coach Brian at Cross Country Cycle has a ton of good food advice to give from his many years of racing. McDonald’s double cheese burgers are probably not one of them. After a fun weekend up in Traverse City at Great Wolf Lodge, I thought it would be great to fit a ride in with my brother-in-law once I got home. 5 minutes into my ride from my house I immediately recognized the condition: atejunkitis.

I started the morning out innocently enough with a couple of deBoer Bakkerij pin-in-the-blankets, an orange, and enough coffee to wake up sleeping beauty. However, grabbing a ‘fast lunch’ for the ride home could have included better choices. We stopped for gas at a station that included a Subway, but I passed on that option with the golden arches in my sights.

Now, I don’t normally eat fast food, but occasionally it just sounds good. My go to: two double cheese burgers and a small fry. You got it: small fry. Restraint. Top all that off with a couple of scotch-a-roo’s and you’ve got your recipe for one sluggish ride. Oh, I did have a banana just before I left. You know…just to top off my energy stores.

It was a fun ride despite the energy struggle. Riley Trails is nothing to train on, but it’s within riding distance from home and it’s always fun to ride with a partner on a bright sunny day like today. I just think next time I’ll grab subway instead.


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