New Bike !!!!!!!

Finally, after months of analyzing, talking, looking, more analyzing, more talking, and more looking and talking, I took home my new Specialized Epic Comp 29er last night. I’m excited. Let me rephrase that: I’m REALLLLYYYY excited.

Brian Harris at Cross Country Cycle did a phenomenal job of dialing the bike in for me and fitting the bike to my body and riding style. We both had some good laughs, too. I realized that maybe, just maybe, if you need orthopedic lifts in your work shoes you need to have them in your bike shoes, too.  Not that it would correct your spinning inefficiencies or prevent injury (insert heavy sarcastic facial expression here). Needless to say, not only do I feel really good about the new bike I’ll be riding this year, but I’m really excited that I might actually be riding a bike in an appropriate position with healthy posture.

This bike is the most expensive toy I think I’ve ever owned. I’ve never owned a watercraft, motorcycle, or other expensive piece of hobby equipment. It’s not the nicest one you can buy, but I certainly feel fortunate to be able to ride this and I look forward to winning some races with it this year. And, I’m glad it’s a bike to explore the great outdoors under my own power.


4 thoughts on “New Bike !!!!!!!

    • Thanks. I’m looking forward to many years on it! I’m fortunate to be able to have this bike as well as a Rockhopper SS so I don’t have to expose it to the winter elements.

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