Spring Forward

So, yeah, you can tell it’s much warmer out now; I’ve been spending more time riding and less time writing. Last week was wild. I started with a snow ride on Sunday, rode in a short sleeve shirt on Wednesday, and was back in my full winter garb on Saturday morning. I’m just under 2 weeks out from my first 2012 race, The Barry-Roubaix, and I’ve been in full training mode over the last few weeks preparing. I’ll push hard this week, and then have fun and taper a bit next week before the 24th.

Saturday morning I pre-rode the course with a group of friends which was good to get a feel for what 3,400 feet of climbing over 36 miles feels like again. I raced it last year, but there were a couple of slight changes this year and I really forget a lot after a year (some things your brain just chooses to block out). It was also good to think through strategy of where to push and where to recover. I have no delusions of winning the race, but I want to really push myself and destroy my time from last year (and win the race).

Here’s the Garmin for the race as provided by the folks at The Killer Gravel Road Race/Barry-Roubaix: Map/Elevation

My training this week includes a ‘recovery ride’ yesterday, rest today, 2 ½ hour ride tomorrow with by brother-in-law, Evan, whatever I can fit in on Wednesday (maybe a run), hill repeats with my brother on Thursday if it’s not raining, Friday off,  and another whatever-I-can-fit-in on Saturday. I’m making a choice not to join the Wednesday night trail night with the boys for until after the Barry-Roubaix for simple life balance reasons. I can’t wait until that starts back up again, though.

It looks like the weather is supposed to stay in the 40’s-60’s and only rain will put a damper on my plans through next week Saturday, or so I think 🙂


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