Packing It All In

So I talked my brother-in-law Evan to ride with me right after church this morning because there was a threat of rain coming up out of the South. For as much work as we have put into training for the Barry-Roubaix next Saturday, it’s our wives who are the real hero’s for letting us out of the house to go have fun on our bikes (yes, even grueling base training is fun) while they care for our young kids. Biking truly is a team sport.

Knowing that today was going to be the last day of hard training before we tapered leading up to Saturday’s race, we really pushed it. Here’s the map of my loop:   Evan’s is slightly different because we both bike to essentially the Ottawa Beach overflow campground as a warm up and then start the pain from there. I took 8 minutes off the route even after adding a 10th of a mile from earlier this week. That also included a full 15 minute recovery from minutes 51-66. Then we blasted our legs for 4.5 miles into the wind by absolutely tearing as fast as we could, taking turns pulling until the last ½ mile of that section where we both took the wind head-on at 23-25 mph.

When I got home my mother-in-law was picking up the girls for a nature walk at Hemlock Crossings and Courtney was packing up to head to the mall for a couple of hours which meant I was going to be able to rest my weary legs for a while. The last thing I had on my mind for the afternoon was hopping back on a bike and heading to Captain Sundae for ice cream with the family. However, sure enough, at 4pm after the girls had all returned back from their adventures, that bell was rung and I mounted up the Burley to my road bike and we departed on the 2 mile trek to the ice cream wonderland. It’s one of the few times that I’ve been thankful that our oldest is still on her beginner bike that has the gearing of a come-along. She can spin her little heart out and not break 5mph (I don’t actually run my speedometer when we ride together, so I don’t have any idea how slow we go, but it’s slow).

What was meant to be a nice leisurely ride to the ice cream shop nearly ended up being a scary catastrophe when a car (with what appeared to be a late-teen, early 20 something driver) blew through a red light at the intersection we were crossing near our house (the only major street crossing and the intersection I chose because it has a traffic light). There was confusion about who I was yelling at to stop (I typically have a fairly keen sense for my surroundings and had recognized the speeding car 100 yards before the intersection as going too fast to be slowing for the light), which ended up saving Paige from being in front of this car. I’m not even really sure who I was talking to. The speed limit on this road is 45 and he had to have still been going 30 after hitting the brakes late when he realized he was blowing a red light. Needless to say our nerves were a bit on edge by the time we got around that intersection.

Our ice cream was delicious as we expected and the return trip non-eventful, thankfully. I threw some chicken legs on the grill from our new found favorite local chicken farmer and had a tasty bbq chicken dinner (that included some moments itself), and finished the day off for the girls with a quick game of Cranium Junior before packing them into bed.

Every ounce of this day was enjoyed and, though my legs are tired, I feel refreshed. If this is what summer is going to be like this year, I’m going to enjoy it.


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