The Liebster Award

I’m honored to have received The Liebster Award from fellow blogger and endurance sports enthusiast, Fit Recovery. Thank you very much for the recognition. Here’s his full post:

The Liebster Award.

The honor comes with a charge to pass it on; or pay it forward as I like to say. So, in that light, I would like to share with you 5 bloggers who I think do a superb job of sharing their insights, excitement, trials, and tribulations about their experiences outdoors:

1. kolo t.c. – When I began blogging with more frequency earlier this year, my intent was to offer some coverage of Michigan cycling events, namely mountain bike events, because its NEVER covered in the local news. I think bringing attention to biking is good on so many levels, but really appreciate its unique offering of being an individual sport that has room for people of all skill and fitness levels. When I found kolo t.c.’s blog, however, I realized that I couldn’t compete with his fantastic coverage of cycling events. My only hope now is to fill in the gaps where he doesn’t show up 🙂

2. Loving Traverse City – I love Northern Michigan. I visit whenever I can and so I follow this blog to help organize visits around special events or to find cool activities off the beaten path.

3. teamuranga – As I look to improve my mountain biking ability, I enjoy reading about this couple’s aspirations and achievements in becoming pro mountain bike riders. They’re inspirational, and fun to read.

4. All Seasons Cyclist – Another year-round rider no matter what the weather. This fellow Midwesterner provides great product reviews for anything you need to enjoy biking, regardless of weather. I would expect that this blog has more than 200 followers, but I like it, its my award to hand out, and that’s the way I roll.

5. Barn Door Cycling – Great stories about fun cycling adventures and exploration. Another fellow Midwesterner shares a mix of interviews, product reviews, ride previews, and pictures of scenic views. I like his perspective and writing style.



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