Race Day

I’m heading out to my first mountain bike race of the season, the Yankee Springs Time Trial (Barry-Roubaix is now considered a cycle-cross race). Over the past 3 weeks I’ve put in some good hours on the bike with a taper week this week. We’ll see how my plan works. My hamstrings are a bit tight for some reason, so I’m going to have to carefully and completely warm them up before the race to work them loose. Otherwise, I’m feeling good. I slept well last night and most importantly I’ve avoided the family cold going around our house…..so far.
The weather for today looks great. Sunny skies will provide optimal visibility in the trail. The temperature is currently in the mid 40’s, but will be low-to-mid 50’s by my 12 o’clock start time. Considering that, I’m planning on wearing the team shorts and my long-sleeve jersey. This temp also means I’m going to get away with only having to carry one water bottle (and maybe only half of that).
I will be the very first rider in the sport category, so the only traffic I’ll see will be from behind. I’m just hoping that my brother-in-law, Evan, doesn’t catch me (he starts at 12:01). We’re going to get there by about 9:30 to catch the start of the Elite/Expert race and possibly get out to some inner sections of the trail to grab some pictures of other Cross Country Cycle teammates.
All-in-all, I’m ready and excited for a great day. I’ll update later tonight with results and post-race thoughts.


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