OneSecondEpic and IFTTT

This weekend is Iceman, folks. It’s been a whirlwind of a summer between my new job, mountain bike racing, and having fun with my family. I’m nervous, excited, and anxious all at the same time for the race Saturday. I believe I have real money at stake, and a cap to a fantastic year. I took first overall in my category, and never lost a race in the CPS series (though Boyne was close and required the leader to flat 1/2 mile from the finish line). I’m starting in the 6th wave on Saturday, which gives me a good starting position, but I need to have a clean race (no mechanical issues or major accidents) and not bonk to do well. I believe I’m trained enough to win my division.

Somewhere in the last 3 months since my last post I’ve been able to find the time to dink around with some new tools. For iPhone, the OneSecondEpic app has been a ton of fun. The video app allows you to take between 1-5 second videos with one push of a button and automatically edits/splices them into your short film to share with friends. The app launched last week, but I had the opportunity to land the app early as a beta user so I’ve been using it since mid summer (something about working at Start Garden who is an early investor in the company). Here’s a couple I’ve done, though because of music licensing red tape you can’t add music through the app itself, I just added it with Windows Movie Maker and uploaded it to YouTube:






I’m having a riot with it and look forward to capturing some more videos over this coming weekend and the Holidays ahead.


In other news, I just found out about a website called IfThisThenThat, or IFTTT. I think it’s been around for a while, but I’ve been looking for something that would collect all of my social media inputs into one timeline and this is the closest thing I’ve been able to find. What I’ve done is created a blog over on Blogger called Joseph Lampen Presents. Then I set up through IFTTT to have all of my social media content that I create, like, and favorite, to automatically flow to my new blog. That includes this blog. It’s an impressive list of services that can be triggered to auto post on my Blogger page. The only limitation currently is Twitter. You can only push TO Twitter, not pull from it to feed into my Blogger page. Otherwise, I have my YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, WordPress, SoundCloud, FourSquare, Tumblr, Flicker, and Instagram all flowing to my Blogger page whenever I post something, Like something, or place into favorites.

I know Facebook has timeline, but I like that this is just slightly less public than sharing stuff with 400 of my closest friends.
That’s all for now.


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