My New Library

I bought a new GoPro POV video camera with my Iceman Cometh winnings and have been having fun learning how to take good video with it. There’s a bit of a learning curve unless you purchase either the digital display or WiFi add-ons to view your camera set up before you ride. So far I’m 2 for 4 in successful videos. I was excited to get some video of the new trail in Zeeland on Wednesday, but my final adjustment put my brake cable squarely in the center of my field of view. So, scrap that file and on to the next ride.

My whole goal with this camera is to create a library of trails that I can share with other enthusiasts. This would include sharing via the MMBA’s forum’s with riders from other parts of the state so they can check out a trail if they wish before heading over this way to ride it. The other use of this library is to have something to watch while on my trainer this winter. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I bought a new trainer, too. It’s a Kinetic magnetic trainer and I’m excited to add that element to my training this coming year.

Anyway, I’m now 1.5 videos in to my library (the Luton video is only about 60% of the trail before I unknowingly hit a wrong button and took still shots for the rest of the ride). Yesterday’s ride at Yankee Springs won’t count as a ‘trail video’ because we rode the trail backwards and explored some areas that aren’t on the trail map. But it was simply a fun ride so I loaded it up to YouTube anyway (which takes an astronomical amount of time, by the way). I also turned on monetization for YouTube, so I’m not adding music to these files; which I found to be more interesting while training before Iceman on my dad’s trainer. We’ll see if anyone actually clicks on the ads (not counting on becoming a YouTube Millionaire just yet) . So, if you have an hour and forty minutes free, or are looking for something to watch while on the trainer this winter, check these out:



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