WOOD – The One Piece Bike Stand

Working at Start Garden I hear about a lot of great new ideas, websites, apps, and products. Sometimes it’s just really interesting how connected you are to really cool things. We funded a couple of Grand Valley State University students for a project they’re working on surrounding mobility toys for disabled kids. One of the founders mentioned to me that his boss had developed a wooden bike stand for the parking lot of your favorite trail. I thought “cool”.

A couple of weeks later I rolled back in to the parking lot from a ride at Luton and noticed this piece of carved wood sitting against a familiar car and quickly put 2 and 2 together that A: this was the bike stand Jake was talking about and; B: I knew who Scott and John were, who came up with it. I took a picture of it with my bike on it and texted it to Scott, who said he definitely had to get me one. I also wanted to get a handful into my team shop (Cross Country Cycle) to see if they’d carry a few to test them out (which they graciously are doing).

Scott & John are calling it WOOD, and currently selling it through their website and several Grand Rapids area shops. It’s priced at $19.99, which is a great price point in my mind for its simplicity in design, but high utility in function. They’re just figuring out their distribution model for shops, but are fully capable of selling through their website.

Now, the nerdy part: I wanted to add another video to my YouTube collection and thought making a quick little ‘show and tell’ video with this stand was the perfect fit. Thanks to Scott for giving me this stand to use and thanks to my lovely young 7 year old daughter for doing a phenomenal job of getting this done on the first try.


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