Year End Review

Everyone’s doing it which makes this either really annoying, or simply accepted blogging practice. In any regard, I’ll make this year end review short. 2012 was a good, fun year of riding and racing. I look forward to more riding and meeting friends on bikes in 2013.

My 2012 totals were the highest yet with 2,716 mountain bike miles, 592 single speed miles (also a mountain bike, but I separate it out in my spreadsheet), 476 road bike miles, and 53 running miles for a total of 3,798 miles of training/exercise/thrilling adventure. As you can tell, I don’t like to run.

These miles took 274.8 hours to complete, which is only 11.5 days, so there’s room for more 🙂 Compare that with the Race Across America record of 3000 miles in just over 8 days and I’m in the hunt! The estimated total number of calories burned for the year was 370,560 which translates into 106 lost pounds. This is where I can really get better this year.

Because my weight was the same at the end of the year as it was at the beginning; and that at 235-240lbs I still have a few I could lose (I’m doubtful at 6’3 and a stocky build I’ll never be under 200), I could really focus on my diet a bit more and become more competitive. I’ve always said that its easier, cheaper, and more beneficial to take 3 lbs off me than my bike. I realized this a couple of weeks ago and started back on my monitoring via myfitnesspal because there was no sense in waiting until New Years to start a resolution. I think if you figure out you need to change something, change it once you figure it out, don’t wait for another arbitrary day like New Years to start. You’re just delaying the inevitable and possibly causing more damage to yourself and others in the meantime.

But enough with the deep thoughts….its off to start my 2013….with a scheduled day off of riding (though it’s been tempting to join one of the handful of area group rides going on today). I know. It’s just the way my schedule turned out. No worries, I’ll be back on the bike tomorrow.


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