Passing The Time Away

I decided during my ride tonight that I should share what I watch while on the trainer. In general, I mostly watch anything mountain biking, but have a library of cyclocross, mountain biking (cross country, fat bike, and downhill, separated of course), road cycling, and music videos.

I am just completing the Absa Cape Epic series (all the videos are available by clicking on the hyper-link) from 2012 which cuts the 7 stage race into 8 20-25 minute clips. It’s in highlight format for each stage, but shows some great racing and a couple of personal interest stories along the way.

I’ve also worn out all of the Iceman Cometh Challenge race footage I could find. Race videos are pretty much all of the POV variety, which I prefer, and can range from a 10 minute highlight compilation to several 35 minute splices of the race that you can watch back-to-back-to-back all the way to one complete ~2 hour video of the entire race. The highlight video actually has quite a bit of me in it (black and yellow Cross Country Cycle jersey starting at the 1:52 mark).

Even though the course will change slightly, I’ll start watching 2012 race footage of the Barry-Roubaix in the coming weeks just to re-familiarize myself with the course. I find it helpful to see some of the hills, turns, and terrain of upcoming races even if I have the chance to pre-ride the course. In the same vein I have a video of the Boyne Marathon that’s 2 hours long for some of my longer trainer rides.

What I really like about YouTube is that you can set up playlists to save and sort various videos that you can go back to later. Within each playlist you can manage their order (though the functionality is a bit clunky) and then play all without having to do anything. This is really slick while on the bike if you have your order set up the way you want.

I also have a Vimeo account which is helpful in finding video of a certain race because not everyone uploads to the same service. You can organize videos into playlists there as well, but their search engine is really particular and I find that I have to search for multiple iterations of the same race to find all of the video (e.g. Iceman, Iceman Cometh, Iceman Cometh Challenge, Iceman 2012, etc.). I really haven’t run out of YouTube video, yet, so I haven’t been paying much attention to my Vimeo playlists.

We finally got snow on the west side of Michigan, so after this cold front blows through and the wind dies down I’ll be spending more time outside (I love snow riding) and won’t probably need the videos as much, but until then….


3 thoughts on “Passing The Time Away

    • Yes it is! I like getting out riding in the snow, but when it’s this cold I won’t ride for any longer than an hour and it will be for fun…at a reasonable pace so I don’t do any damage (frostbite or lungs).

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