Proud Moments

I’m proud to announce that on this snowy, wintery, work-from-home Thursday, I now have my first 1,000 view YouTube video. My One Second Epic collage from Iceman Cometh last November has achieved a relatively rare milestone amongst the millions and millions of videos that have been uploaded to YouTube so far. I’ve been watching the numbers for weeks as the initial response in November and December propelled the video up past the 800 mark. As I would have suspected, the initial numbers were high as race participants searched for recaps and POV footage to re-live the great weekend and begin to tide them over until next season, and then began to tapper off. I don’t have grand expectations that this will accumulate another 1,000 views any time soon, but it’s cool to have one under my belt.

I’m going to repost the video here, but I’m also going to post a very interesting video of Kevin Allocca from YouTube talking about what makes videos go viral which I found very interesting. It’s only about 7 minutes and totally intriguing.



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