New Projects

Exciting things are swirling around in my head and brewing up in the background out of sight from all of you. First, my family & I had a great time this past weekend at the Fat & Skinny Tire Fest in Lake Winona, IN. I had a fun race, took home a prize, but was really, really bummed that I couldn’t GoPro my ride because of a user error (I didn’t check to make sure the memory card was cleared/emptied properly). It would have been a great one to capture. Hopefully a more complete recap of the weekend will be forthcoming later this week, complete with pictures and short videos.

The second item that I’m excited about is an idea I had last week to create a different content twist on the standard product review. I’ve been recording a couple of reviews and uploading them to my YouTube Channel. There’s only 4 up there now, but I will be adding more over the coming weeks. I feel like I have now used enough products and use them hard enough to provide a fairly knowledgeable review. Here’s a couple that I’ve uploaded:



I’m still messing with the lighting and may add some background as I get more comfortable with my basement setting.


The last project that I have decided to start working on will be developing a new, related blog. Over the winter I had a lot of fun posting and writing quick updates about my training, but felt that it was overtaking this blog which I intended to be a more broad based ‘go-get-outside’ blog. The reality is that most of what I do outside is on a bike, but I would still like to keep this open for other outdoor things I do with the family and friends. After I discontinued posting my training updates, I felt a slight void. I think there are a lot of athletes like me who develop their own training programs because of either the cost of hiring a professional trainer or out of personal interest. I’m creating a new blog to essentially diary my ongoing, unprofessional training regimen. I hope to have this new blog, which I’m calling Accelerate Labs, up and running in the next couple of weeks with a first couple of posts to kick it off.

Exciting stuff, exciting times….






2 thoughts on “New Projects

  1. Thanks! It was a fun race for sure. Thanks for sharing the photo link. Do you happen to know who was doing the GoPro video and who was running that camera on a track? I noticed both of those on the first lap and have been trying to find out which photographers / videographers were even there taking photos but am not having much luck. These are the first photos I’ve seen.

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