Not Riding

When I’m not riding, writing, working, or being a dad and husband (I know, what else could a man possibly have time for) I like to look for and listen to music. I’ve always kept this a bit private except from my brother and brother-in-law as we have similar musical taste. This might not sound surprising except the stuff I enjoy finding is never anything you’d find at Best Buy or on the ‘new release’ section of iTunes. Much of it you can’t even find on iTunes, period. I listen to a lot of indie music, club DJ mixes, and electronica. I follow several music blogs that post new artist material in either remixed format or donations by the artist in their marketing efforts. The business model for music has changed dramatically towards online distribution and fan base building. I frequently visit Beatport and Soundcloud to keep up with the bleeding edge of new sounds and artists. It works well because much of the electronic music I listen to makes great riding mixes for my training/solo rides.

I pride myself in knowing about artists months and even years before they hit the mainstream as they begin to develop their presence one blog at a time. Once in a while, though, I am blind sided by something that totally passed right by me. I caught a video on VH1 this morning (I don’t even usually watch VH1) of Gotye and his hit song “Somebody That I Used to Know” and I was immediately hooked. So having some time tonight I went searching for more of his music on YouTube, Beatport, and Soundcloud. I seriously have listened to the song at least 25 times tonight in various forms. And then I found this mix on Soundcloud:

I’m bummed that I missed the download (some artists allow their mixes to be downloaded but only authorize so many). But, at least I can come back to listen any time I like. So, for a change of pace in my blog theme, I share with you a current favorite for your listening pleasure.